Dama Finland and Sytyke proudly presents
Webinar 1.9.2020 at 16- 18

Data driven decision making – case Covid-19

All presentations are in English.

Welcome to listen to presentations of what has been done in case of struggle against Covid-19.

  • Telia Crowd Insights – Make better decisions based on real people flow insights / Tiia Palvimo, Tero Särkiniemi
  • Effect of government measures on the spread of covid-19 / Satu Kullström, Anastasia Artemyeva and Madhu Singh
  • What if the whole world is bad in data-driven decision-making? Case Covid-19 / Sami Laine

After presentations time to discussion and presentation of what is DAMA Finland and you are able to attend 18:00 DAMA Finland yearly member meeting.